Orthotics – Insoles

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Orthotics – Insoles

by | Aug 29, 2020 | Patient Info

Orthotics are inserts for the shoes, worn by people for various reasons. From foot pain to injury to providing support, insoles may be what you need.
For everyone who comes to see us, we look into detail on how their foot and ankle responds during standing and examination, and we design the appropriate insoles for maximum function and comfort.

This is way beyond store-bought inserts. Each person’s insoles are unique and a tailored prescription is given out to the lab to manufacture them, depending on what the problem is. The quality and durability of custom-made orthotics greatly exceeds that of ready made shoe inserts.

Orthotics can be made of many different materials, depending on the result we want them to have on the feet.

Our orthotics are custom-made and designed to fit easily into most casual or sports shoes. After an initial two-week break-in period needed for the foot and knees to adapt, orthotics should feel comfortable.

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