Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

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Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Patient Info

In its early stages, the disease does not usually present any symptoms. There are cases where patients do not know that they suffer from Diabetes, even years after the onset of the disease.

In Type 1 Diabetes, changes are usually abrupt and the first manifestation of the disease is often developing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and loss of consciousness.

DKA is a life-threatening condition that develops when cells in the body are unable to get the sugar (glucose) they need for energy because there is not enough insulin.

In Type 2 Diabetes, the disease occurs gradually, the symptoms can be completely absent and the patient may feel healthy.

Diabetes may present to any person, regardless of age.

The main symptoms of Diabetes are:

  • polydipsia (excessive thirst)
  • polyuria (excessive urination, especially at night)
  • polyphagia (increased appetite often accompanied by weight loss rather than weight gain)
  • physical exhaustion
  • delayed healing of scratches/wounds
  • sexual problems
  • frequent infections/inflammations
  • yeast infections in the genitals area
  • numbness of the hands or feet
  • blurred vision
  • itchy and dry skin