“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy


A custom-made insole (orthotic) is a specialised device that is made based on the foot impression of an individual and following biomechanical assessment and, when needed, gait analysis.

It cannot be used by another person, as it has been measured, designed and manufactured for a specific person’s feet and based on their individual needs.

A Podiatrist can design and prescribe a custom-made insole for you following clinical assessment of your overall health and in light of any other contributing factors. Prescriptions are, then, sent to a specialised laboratory which manufactures the orthotics using high-quality materials and technology.

General information about insoles

  1. Adults and children can wear insoles.
  2. Although orthotics have a great potential of improving foot function and diminishing or eliminating pain, a small number of people may not be helped by them.
  3. Insoles can help you with hip or even back pain.
  4. Your insoles will wear out eventually and will stop providing adequate support to the feet – that’s when you might notice your foot pain returning and when you’ll need to have your insoles re-done.

In case you have old insoles, please bring them in at your appointment time.


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