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Paphos Podiatrist – Sports Podiatry

There are many foot and ankle injuries that are related to sports. Podiatry is highly recommended for all athletes in order to prevent and treat some of these injuries.

Your Podiatry consultation will comprise of clinical assessment of your overall health, biomechanical assessment and gait analysis of your foot posture and the way you walk.

Your Podiatrist can help you with any foot-related problem – from painful ingrown nails and hard skin, to heel and knee pain.

Many athletes require orthotics (insoles), as they tend to put more strain to their feet and back than non-athletes, with consequent injuries.

Orthotics can be a preventative measure to injuries and can provide support and stability to the feet.
Podiatrists often work in teams with Sports Physicians and Physiotherapists when treating athletes.

Common Sports Related Foot & Ankle Injuries:

  1. Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot).
  2. Blisters, damaged nails, warts.
  3. Excessive sweating.
  4. Ankle and muscle strains.
  5. Tendonitises, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee.
  6. Fractures.

Please let us know if you require a biomechanics/gait analysis appointment during booking time. If you are a physician/medical professional, please contact us for information regarding referral pathways.